The Beauregarde Affair

Growing upside down in the Nineteen-Seventies

A slice of life from a time gone by, a story of youthful folly, of stumbling cluelessly into the gaping maw of the age of Aquarius and living to tell the tail. Um, tale.

. . .

. . .

A transplanted Yankee longhair living in nineteen-seventy-something Atlanta, young Mr. T finds himself wrestling with naked commie roommates, toothless rednecks, flatulent dogs, .357 Magnum-toting silversmiths, Indian fox-spirits, conniving neighbors, hot Swedish blondes, rubber ape masks, freak snowstorms and basically the world at large.

Mr. T and his wastrel buddies inhabit a dilapidated Tudor on Morningside Drive, the best side of town. Blots on the landscape, they go about their idle hipster ways with slacker abandon. But there’s change in the wind and Beauregarde, a hognose snake with appetite issues, is headed their way. Beauregarde’s entrée into the wayward household heralds the impending collapse of the collective as well as the beginning of the end of a wild and crazy decade. For Mr. T it’s all turning into one big fat nasty hassle, a hassle that he is haplessly doing his best to avoid. Surrounded by the lunacy of his so-called friends, foes, neighbors and a Noah’s Ark of incarcerated animals, he’ll be lucky just to make it through the month.

Reading like a post-pubescent stateside Adrian Mole on ‘shrooms, this is a ribald tale of hipster youth in 1970’s America, the way it really went down.

The paperback version of The Beauregarde Affair is still available for a short time (used) on Amazon US:


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Robbie Pettry Sibley on 11/07/2017 at 21:46

    Hi Brian: Dave is visiting me and we have shared a lot of happy memories – would like to catch up with you! He uncovered a drawing you did of him. Congratulations on your successes !
    Yours, Robbie


  2. Posted by Marty Lacey on 03/09/2017 at 21:39

    Are you the Robbie Pettry that worked at AKL Law in Atlanta Ga. back in the 90’s.
    If you are, my name is Marty and I adopted a cat from you named Emma.


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