Um, that’s why they call it a blog, eedgit …

To blog or not to blog, that is not ‘the’ question, but one of a multitude facing the neophyte writer of today. I brought into existence The Beauregarde Affair blog about a year ago in the naïve and foolish hope that it would help facilitate getting Beau in print. Note that’s ‘brought into existence’, not ‘bought’; WordPress is a freebie. Why pay for what you can get for free?

Well, it appears that The Beauregarde Affair (hereafter referred to as TBA) will indeed finally be available to the general public thanks to never-tiring Diane at Pfoxmoor Publishing. I daresay that this blog (which has formerly not been behaving like a proper blog) has had nothing to do with that.

The problem was – this post fixes the problem, hence the past tense – that I posted a bunch of stuff, sample chapters and whatnot, and then just left it all lying there, abandoned, like an unsuccessful pet. One visit to TBA blog site and you were finished, with no reason to return. Nothing new, nothing to call you back. So, as part of my strategy to conquer the publishing world, I have decided to rectify this and turn that which was static into something dynamic. Like Frankenstein’s monster I will attempt to impart life into dead materia.

With that in mind, I hereby (re)open TBA blog. Ta da! Book material can still be found on the attendant ‘pages’; in the meanwhile I will be posting on the homepage, my little microphone to the world. What to expect? The unexpected. The outré. The outrageous. The Talgonian. And fungus. Because fungus is ubiquitous.

Comments, suggestions and general bonhomie will all be greatly appreciated. Link it, recommend it to friends and foes, and then beam it up, Scottie. TBA is ready to boldly go where no piece of creative non-fiction concerning  hippies and hognose snakes has ever gone before; out into the book-reading world.



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