Perpetuum Librum

*   *   *

As the number of readers sinks and the number of writers increases we will eventually reach  a turning point where only writers are readers, i.e. all readers are writers. In fact, we might be reaching that point quite soon, perhaps as early as the end of November.

So I’m thinking of inventing a reading machine. This machine (iRead) would log on to Amazon at diverse times and with different IP addresses, order and download my e-books and then read them using some kind of laser eye that I’m sure is already out there. It could also be programmed to generate (positive) comments. As the author I would get paid for each book sold (minus Amazon’s cut), which I would put back into a special account used to purchase (and read) more of my books. Kind of like a literary Perpetuum mobile. Amazon’s slice and machine maintenance would be covered by the accumulating compound interest on the special account funds. As far as I see everybody wins. Especially me.

If anyone knows of any reason(s) why this plan won’t work, please don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Ha ha… yes.

    But surely you’ve seen this model in academic publishing? Articles with more co-authors than there’ll ever be readers. It’s divine and, of course, works perfectly for academia so why not the real world… whoops, I mean the commercial world too?


  2. So will we then belong to an elite world of reader/writers, or an underground movement where books are currency and words not as cheap?


  3. Posted by j. on 25/11/2011 at 19:00

    Long time no see indeed! I hope all has been well! Love the drawing! Also, I would read your books and comment positively on them and I wouldn’t even need a cut : D


  4. I need an iRead, please. Thank you.


  5. Posted by Garth on 22/01/2012 at 15:09

    As we retreat into ourselves and cut the world off with our little mirror toys, your tongue-in-cheek iRead may well be more accurate than supposed. As long as we are led to believe that the reader is real person – darker and darker.


    • The thing about tongue-in-cheek is that it’s only funny if it can be mistaken for being true. I think few understand the immensity of the technological revelation being spearheaded by PC’s, Smart phones and internet. Where will humanity be in a hundred years? I don’t think even our most outrageous and visionary sci-fi writers are getting close …
      So … while we wait: humor!


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