Have You Hugged Your Hognose Today?

I’m in intense negotiations with IKEA; they want to feature my T-shirt on a world-wide basis. It will come in two pieces – a front and a back; you have to put it together yourself with the enclosed needle and thread, one of which will be missing. H&M might try to outbid them; we’ll see.  Until then, this T-shirt cost me, thanks to Norwegian import taxes, more than you’d pay for an original Hendrix Stratocaster at  Sotheby’s. Go figure.

I may just feature this tee in a giveaway. Not too sure I can wear it to work anymore. I got funny looks and no enquiries about what it might actually signify. Now they probably think I’m on drugs. Yeah, I tried once, but I didn’t inhale. Oh well, genius is rarely understood in its own time.


Btw – Thanks to all you wonderful people who have taken the time to write a review on Amazon. You are my best hope for getting out to a broader public. You’ll be rewarded in … well, wherever.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Smiling broadly.


  2. Hey, you have a unique article of clothing that is all yours! Wear with pride! What a conversation starter.


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