TBA chronicles a compacted month’s-worth of madness and misadventure, featuring Mr. T and his hapless housemates at 591 Morningside Drive, Atlanta, Georgia. Existentially adrift as the ’70’s slowly melt into the 80’s, they belatedly await the arrival of The Revolution, which, like most of their pipedreams, never seems to materialize. In the meanwhile, might as well make the best of it and chill out. ‘Cuz if you thought it was all sex and drugs and you-know-what, then think again. Here’s how it really was; an alternative world populated by incarcerated hognose snakes, junk-food thieving socialists, The Leather Thing, Coca Cola prophylactics, Snootch, Floridian rats the size of small Scotties, .357 magnum totting silversmiths, Gorp, sexually abused pizzas, bat-winged wizard costumes and The Mule, a master carpenter who wouldn’t know a right angle from a wrong one.

The journal unfolds as an interlocking collection of anecdotes, flashbacks and occasional romantic mishap, as well as a variety of absurd day-to-day situations, all which segue into one another with the natural rhythm a stream-of-consciousness diary affords. Beauregarde’s arrival heralds the beginning of the end of an era for Mr. T and his circle of friends; his exit closes a definitive chapter of their lives. The journal ends with a brief epilogue, in which loose ends are tied together and the reader is eased back to the present.

All in all it’s a month’s worth of ribald high times, yet underpinning the comedy and absurdity dwells a bittersweet feeling of innocence lost and good times gone forever.


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